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Plant & Machinery Appraisals

The range of our Plant & Machinery appraisal services include:

Industrial Appraisals:

This section provides appraisals for factories, production facilities, small and large scale industries including chemicals and petrochemicals, aluminum, steel, food & dairy, consumer products, health care, hygiene, electronics & electrical, manufacturing segment in general.

Stocks Appraisals:

We undertake the appraisal of stocks in trade & transit, inventories deployed in industrial environment, goods of retail and commercial values and trading items and commodities in general.

Appraisal of Power Plants and Power Generating Equipments:

We have also experience in appraising all assets associated with power plants, including generation and transmission equipments. Particular attention is paid to the operational characteristics of power plants as variable start-up times and costs, control response time lags, minimum generating levels, non-linear output functions and structural limitations on ramp rates.

Auto/Heavy Equipment Appraisals:

In response to increasing demand from banks and leasing companies for the appraisal of automobiles, construction equipment, trucks and trailers (logistics), earth moving machinery, we have organized a team of experts who specialize in this particular line of business with precise knowledge and technical know-how on engine, specifications, body, capacities, chassis, make, model, etc., required for their assessments. Our report is based on the physical inspections, facts collected during the survey and accompanied by two photographs (for heavy equipment). The appraisals are based on the factors governing the present day market value.